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Estate Planning
Estate planning is the process of deciding who will get your property and how you would like it transferred after your death. It can also involve designating a guardian for young children or a representative to make financial and medical decisions for you if you become incapacitated.

Medi-Cal and VA Planning
Medi-Cal Planning is an area of law that concerns itself with assisting clients in qualifying for Medi-Cal while preserving and protecting their life savings and property. Typically, Medicaid Planning involves clients who require nursing home care, but it can also apply to those seeking community based Medi-Cal programs. Also, the Veterans Administration provides a Pension benefit to wartime veterans or their surviving spouses who need long term care. This benefit is often called "Aid & Attendance."


Trust Administration
If you are Successor Trustee of a Trust, you need legal representation. The law is full of pitfalls for the unwary Successor Trustee. An Attorney will help you follow the law and reduce your liability.


Fiduciary Representation
Professional Fiduciaries are those in the business of acting as Trustee. Professional Fiduciaries tend to be involved in challenging Trust Administrations and difficult families. The Fiduciary and Attorney work as a team to carry out the terms of the Trust.


Conservatorship is a last resort. Conservatorship is when the Court appoints a person to be in charge of someone's healthcare, finances, or both. Conservatorship is generally needed when someone becomes incapacitated and has no estate plan or an inadequate estate plan.

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